Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Backdoor

Route & General Observations

Our objective was to practice full profiles, which kept us from making observations specific to current avalanche problems. We’re sharing our pit data to inform the general baseline.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Cloud cover decreased through the afternoon (from BKN to FEW). Winds were calm below 1500 ft., and we measured a high temperature of 10 F.

Snow surface

In a sheltered area below 1500ft, we found ~7"/~20cm of settled powder (fist hard DFs transitioning to FCsf) on top of a thick, supportable rain crust.


Under the recent snow, we found a rain crust, several melt-freeze crusts, and even some old surface hoar among a mid-pack of pencil hard rounds. ECTX.

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