Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Approx. 60.7897N, 149.1634W

Route & General Observations

Skier triggered avalanche on Saturday (sorry wasn’t at a computer last
night)at about the 2800′ level of Tincan in the basin to the N of Jerome Dome.
Crown was 18″ of 4 finger wind slab that ran on a very firm melt/freeze bed
surface. It was about 250′ wide and ran 700′ in elevation (~1000′ down the
slope). Was triggered by a skier test skiing the top of the slope just before
it rolls over. It broke just under their skis and propogated up slope to the N
ridge. It appears somebody tried to ski the rest of the slope towards Jerome
dome later in the day and the face slide clear across.
Sorry the pictures don’t show things very well.

Photos & Video
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