Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan-Alpine

Route & General Observations

Standard approach to alpine. Conducted instability tests near the SW shoulder of Common uptrack and base of Hippy Bowl at a high point of 3,100ft. Clear, cool, calm E winds with strong sun affect producing rollers on SSW aspects by 3pm. Great surface layer with a higher density loose dry sluff, similar to spring corn skiing. Sun crusts are developing on direct S aspects.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No cracking, collapsing.
Point release loose-dry, and skier-triggered loose dry visible in Hippy Bowl with sluffs only moving 10-20m beyond trigger point.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear skies, with mares tails present after 1pm.
Winds were calm with sporadic light E winds.
-9°C to 6°C throughout the day with strong sun affect and variance in shaded areas.

Snow surface

Decomposing PP of 2-4mm over a 1cm F hard suncrust or spatially variable windcrust was present on SSW aspects.
Sun affect was very strong with Rollers producing naturally (Hippy Bowl) after 3pm.
Settlement Cones on alders and small trees have separation cracks near bases around 1,800- 2,200ft.
Ski/Boot: 20/35cm


In general, my focus was to assess distribution, depth and reactivity of BSH throughout practical elevations and aspects. A small test pit at 2,200ft and 3,100ft both distinctively showed the BSH layer to be 18-20cm below surface with standing 2-4mm feathers. CT’s provided some fractures, but no true propagation with ECT. No results from a deep tap test.
The january Facets were approx 130-155cm below surface with F-4F- hardness. Though the January Facets are on a trend to heal, they are still lurking below and Im curious to do more testing on reactivity 1-2m below surface.
*See SnowPilot for details*

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