Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan, Alpine

Route & General Observations

11:15 Standard approach track through treeline and towards base of Tincan Common Bowl. Performed Pit tests and skied multiple laps with no incident below 2,700 feet to treeline.
Great to see a cold snap! Temps ranged from -13° to -8°C
Approx. 40-50 Tracks on Common Bowl and Hippy Bowl, trending towards currently untracked corniced ridgeline!
Surface hoar present from 1,000 ft+ of varying sizes (.5-3mm)

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear Skies, Calm throughout entire tour, no precip, -13°C to -8°C
Valley Fog from 1,200 ft-1,800ft present until 11:45am

Snow surface

1,650 ft 1-3mm surface hoar
2,500 ft. 1mm surface hoar
2,659 ft (Test Pit) 1-2mm surface hoar


HS 215 @ 2,240 ft
HS 235 @ 2,659 ft
See Hardness Profile Profile
Pit Test: 12:57
EL 2,659 ft., West Aspect, 28° Incline, -13°C, Clear Sky, Calm Wind, NO Precip,
Surface Snow: 1mm Surface Hoar
Ski/Boot Pen: 15/25cm
HS 235cm
Test Depth: 120cm
STM@35cm down on 1F Rounds
CT20 Q2 SC@ 55cm down on 1F Rounds
ECTX (@48 taps, SC on P MF,85cm from surface)

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