Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan, All elevations

Route & General Observations

General observation and approach:
10am parking lot, uptrack towards Tincan Treeline Knoll. Skied multiple laps from Tincan Common Bowl down to 1,800 ft with precipitation gradually increasing from 11:00-3:00pm. No releases, No shooting cracks, No whumphing or gusts over 25mph.
Approx 15 other skiers observed throughout the day.
10:45-Light winds from East, consistent , light snowfall, less than 1cm/hour.
11:00am: Wind consistent 5mph
12:15-consistent 20-25 mph winds along 2,900 ft ridgeline on Tincan Common skintrack with light precip from East
1:45pm-light precip, consistent from north, no more than 5mph

Snow surface:
Fresh 1-2.5cm fresh snowfall from 1,500 ft and up with 4cm fresh at 2,100 ft.

MF crust layer below fresh snow
(4cm down)and getting gradually softer, bonding to wetter snow beneath
13:45- 1-2.5cm accumulating since approach at 10am

14:45- 8cm fresh on settled powder with consistent snowfall of 1cm per hour at 2,500 ft

Skiability: below 2,000ft experienced wet and heavy snow below moist, fresh powder

Red flags:
No cracks
No whumphing
No gusts, but skintracks were filled in with light deposits.
No radical temp variation (29-31°F all day)
No releases

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