Location: Tincan above treeline (2750 ft)

Route & General Observations

Route: Tincan main skin track. Snowpit observation above treeline at 2750 ft. A beautiful day with clear skies and calm winds. About 10cm of new snow on top of firm consolidated snow most of the way up. Wind transport from the previous day evident in gullies and convexities. Some sluffing from the new snow with turns on the way down from Tincan common.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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0 degrees C, clear skies, calm winds.

Snow surface

About 10cm of new snow. Hand pits on the way up showed that this new snow wasn't completely bonded to the melt/freeze crust underneath.


I dug a small 120cm tall snow pit at 2750 ft on a W aspect just off the main skin track. 10 cm of new snow sitting on melt/freeze crust. Increasing hardness and consolidation down to 25cm. A 2cm layer of 2mm facets at 25cm with softer snow underneath to 0cm. CTN.

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