Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Tincan up to 3,400’ – Hippy Bowl

Clear skies, no precip, temps in the low 20s F, calm winds

Obvious Signs Of Instability
Recent Avalanches-NO
Shooting Cracks-NO
Observed 1 new glide crack @ 2,500’, W aspect below Kickstep Mt.

Surface Observations
Surface hoar has begun growing between road level (1,000’) and ridgetop level
(3,500’). Size ranges from 1-4mm and is sitting mostly on firm snow, especially
above treeline.
The wind event between 12/27-12/30 created scoured and wind loaded areas on a
variety of aspects. Cornices have been eroded along S facing ridges. Wind slab
thickness ranges from 4-12”. Reactivity of recent wind slabs continue to be
very low with no results on ski cuts.

Snow below the surface
We took a look at 3 interfaces today:
1. Wind slabs
2. Buried Surface hoar @ 2-3’ down (widespread)
3. Buried Surface hoar @ 16” down (in pockets)

Wind slabs show little to no reactivity (high strength) in tests with no
propagation potential.
Buried surface hoar @ 2’ down is difficult to trigger (high strength) and still
shows propagation potential
Buried surface hoar @ 16” down was only found in one location. Showing high
strength and some propagation potential.

Pit @ 2,900’, SW aspect, 32 deg slope
ECTP23 RP at 45cm down on 4mm surface hoar
ECTX at 93 cm down on 7mm surface hoar

Pit @ 3,400’, S aspect, 30 deg slope
ECTN18, 35 cm down on hardness change (Pencil hardness wind slab over 4F partly
settled snow)
ECTP 25, ECTX, 85 cm down on 5mm surface hoar

Dug on North side @ 3,500’ as well, no results

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