Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Took a quick trip up to the Tincan Ridge to get one more look at the snowpack
before the Fri-Sun storm that is headed our way.

The first image is a pretty busy picture of our snowpack as of Nov. 8th. The
snow from Nov 2nd and 3rd is decomposing and fairly soft (fist hard) except in
areas with wind loading.

Many of the Tincan rolls have avalanched as can be seen in earlier observations
and the photo below.

Looking forward, it is tough to know how much load the snowpack can take before
we see another avalanche cycle breaking into the October basal facets. This is
definitely the most concerning issue and it did not take much snow last weekend
to initiate a very touchy pack.

As far as any new snow this weekend bonding with the existing surface, it seems
typical storm snow instabilities will be seen within the storm and a day or two
after the storm followed by bonding at that interface.

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