Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Beautiful day on Tincan above the stratus with calm-light wind. Appeared to be
some rimey, small sfc hoar below tree line. Obvious sfc hoar above, increasing
in size slightly up to the ridge. Little sign of wind affect, except a bit near
the ridge where there was a very soft 1-2cm wind crust of sorts (not
kinesthetically noticeable when skiing). October facets still easily
identifiable with a little pole probing, but fortunately the pack now seems to
be ski-supportable in most places down to the road. But, step off skis and
you’ll likely be on top of the tundra (makes for slow traveling dogs off the
skin track). While I wouldn’t trust getting very rowdy with the current
snowpack, it held up nicely today from Tincan Common to the little SW facing
bowl further back along the ridge. The snow is getting more confidence
inspiring, but I’m still keeping my guard up for the numerous thin spots.