Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

A quick trip up to the Tincan Common Bowl area on Wednesday afternoon to asses
the snowpack before Friday’s snow/rain event.

Cold and clear. Single digits with a just a few clouds moving in at ridgetop
level from the SE. Wind was light from the SE.

See VIDEO below as well as photos.
Above treeline – Snowpack ~16-24″ deep. Top 10+ inches very loose and faceted.
Bottom 12-14″ faceted with some older crust layers sandwiched in between.
Below treeline – Snowpack is ~10″ of very loose faceted snow over ground.

Significant wind effect at the mid elevations. Wind slabs/crusts are decomposing
with the cold/clear weather.

Avalanche activity:

Observed Hazard:

Photos & Video
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