Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

A trip up to Tincan to see the extent of the recent warming event.

Sunny with valley fog. Warm, mid 30’sF treeline and above, 26F at 1,000′ on the
Pass. Calm wind.

Recent avalanches:
Yes. A handful of wet point release avalanches on southerly slopes between
2,000-3,500′. Easy to initiate where surface crusts were melted by daytime sun
(see video). A few naturals were seen on the SE face of Seattle ridge mid-day
(picture). All were gouging into the deeper faceted layers (though the pack is only
15-30″ thick).

Other signs of instability:
Warming on sunny slopes.
No cracking or collapsing.

The pack was isothermal on sunny slopes with moist facets to the ground. Photo
below. In areas out of the sun the pack appeared to be close to isothermal with
a surface crust.

Surface conditions:
Almost all surfaces sport a rough surface crust anywhere from 2-5+mm. Surface
hoar (2mm) sits on top of this crust in most areas from valleys to ridgetops.
Southerly facing slopes were wet mid-day due to daytime solar radiation.

Photos & Video
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