Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Field Observations
Jan. 13, 2015

Tincan to 2700′

Temps in upper 30’s at parking lot, moderate to light rain until 1100, mostly cloudy skies, light winds
with moderate gusts above tree line.

Obvious Signs of Instability:
Recent avalanches: Several recent glide avalanche releases on Seattle ridge and S face eddies.
Exact age of glide releases is unknown but are within last 48 hours.
Collapsing: Very localized collapse at low elevation (1500′) crossing an area with water flowing on the ground
Cracking: None

Surface Obs:
1000′: 8-10″ wet saturated snow on flats near parking lot.
1000′: 2000′: 8″ – 2′ wet saturated snow.
2150′: 2″ wet old snow on 2cm curst w/ice lens. No crust on steeper slopes.
2300′: HS 107-115cm. 1″ new wet snow on supportable crust.
2600′: HS 105cm, 3-4″ new wet snow on supportable melt/freeze w/ very thin crust on surface.

Below the Surface:
Below 2000′ entire snowpack is wet and saturated, but water is draining well. From 2000-2500′ layers of ice crusts and
dry snow forms exist. At these elevations the entire snowpack is moist, but not all layers are melt
freeze grains. 2500-2700′ these elevations appear to have seen alternating periods of rain and wet
snowfall throughout the last 48 hours. The upper snowpack is layered with melt freeze grains at
the surface alternating with moist storm snow. Multiple layers of ice crusts from pooling liquid precip
in colder snow layers.

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