Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

We did some rescue practice near the Center Ridge parking lot then toured up to about 2,300’ on Tincan to take a look at the glide crack/avalanche situation on Seattle Ridge. There was a large glide avalanche that released yesterday morning or maybe the night before next to the up track. There are still numerous cracks that could release onto the up track itself and in other places throughout our forecast zones. It was a beautiful calm and sunny day.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

There is a large glide avalanche that released yesterday morning or maybe the night before that crossed many tracks just left of the main up track to Seattle Ridge.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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It was a beautiful day, cold, clear, and calm.

Snow surface

There was some surface hoar that we noticed at the parking lot, but it was gone by 1,200’. At the parking lot there was about 12” (30cm) of snow on top of the upper most crust. At 1,300’ there was about 2’ (60cm) on top of the upper crust, and by 1,600’ the upper crust was gone.


We dug a pit at 2,240’ on a southeast aspect and did not get any results (CTN, ECTX). On a moderate shovel shear we found a small layer of small facets about 3’ (90cm) down. We found the Thanksgiving crust about 4.5’ (140cm) down. It had some faceting rounds above, below, and in the middle of the crust, but we did not get any results on this layer. The stability in this pit was very good.

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