Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Obvious Signs of Instability

Recent avalanches-none observed
Collapsing/Whoompfing-yes. Localized, roughly 10 foot radius
Shooting cracks-none observed

Pit results
See Video

Test results today were more alarming around ~2,000′. Multiple ECTs below treeline failed on isolation (ECTPV) in the weak snow, 2” below the 12/8 ‘drizzle crust’. Facets below this crust were moist and still showing very poor bonding within the layer. Warmer air temps over the past 24 hours have helped to make the snow more reactive, particularly between 1,000-2,000’. Air temp @ 2,000’ @ 12pm was -1 deg C (30 F).

Tests @ 3,200’ showed less reactive snow (higher test scores) yet still poor structure (weak base with a slab on top).

Photos & Video
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