Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Nice afternoon walk about. NWS nailed the forecast with dappled sun from 1-5p. Snow surface did get a little warm. Depth from “woah pow skiing” to “tips UP!”

The headline is winds. Soft windslab was ripping out on NNW and SE faces just below ridgeline. Almost all started on thin rocky rollovers. Crowns from 1.5-5 ft. Debris more sluffed down the hill rather that running to a big debris pile, tho some ran full track. Multiple start points apparent (see pic) suggesting the snowpack is not well connected laterally. Spooky sensitive pockets.

Down from the ridge line, not much wind effect noticed in snowpack. 2 inch very soft slab to wind skin.

1300ft, NNW, opening in trees
40-ish cm, density increasing with depth through the storm slab. 5 cm of wet facets at the ground.

2300 ft, N, small rollover above tree line.
ECTP 12-14, fracture on density change in recent storm snow. Not much energy and uneven bed surface.

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