Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

My partner and I ascended the standard approach track to 3,300ft, our high point, where we conducted instability tests with no alarming results, followed by descending Common Bowl to lower Treeline Bowls for two laps. Sky remained Clear with Light to Moderate NW winds encountered above 2,500 ft, with gusts at approx 25mph on Tincan Common Plateau. Solar affect was seen with South facing aspects producing rollers by 12pm (Hippy Bowl). Great skiing.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Strong, active wind-loading throughout tour.
Roller Balls were active after 12pm on south-facing slopes.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear skies
-8°C to -11°C shaded, with strong solar effect
Light NW winds below 2,500ft. Moderate to strong NW gusts 2,500-3,300ft

Snow surface

Rimed surfaces were present from 2,300ft to 3,300ft. With a F hard windskin
Active wind-scouring/loading above 3,000ft, produced 4F-F Hard surfaces up to 5cm thick.
Roller balls were present on Southern aspects above 3,300 ft.
Ski/Boot Pen: 25/50cm


In general, our focus was to assess current conditions, conduct instability tests and find trending weak layers… and ski.
Though we received non-alarming results, our test pit only covered 120cm below surface in a 285-300cm snowpack depth with a deep persistent slab problem.. So we hope to reassess deeper, weaker layers that are waiting to be triggered, possibly with an incremental load. The Facets we encountered were approx. 100cm below surface, but seemed to be more cohesive in structure and strength. Hand Pits, and Ski tests on small convexities did not produce any alarming results.
*See SnowPilot Photo for details*

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