Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Route: Traveled from 1000ft to 3300ft on Tincan

Clear skies. Cold; temps in the single digits (F). Light winds from the NE

Signs of Instability:
Recent Avalanches: One very small pocket was observed on one of the Eddies lower rollovers.
Collapsing: Yes, several collapses near, and above treeline, 10-50+ft radius. Multiple collapses in the same area.
Cracking: None observed, evidence of previous cracking from yesterday in many locations.

Old avalanche activity:
Large D2.5/3 storm snow/wind slab avalanche on the North side of Sunburst, ran sometime during the 2/7 storm, Also, the entire Eddies headwall released, D2 – photos below.

Surface conditions:
1000ft-1800ft: 35cm new low density snow over crust.
1800ft- 3300ft: 40-50cm new low density snow over crust.
Widespread surface hoar from valleys to ridgetops, 5-10mm.

Snowpack Observations:
Dug pits at various elevations on W to SW aspects. This was to investigate cracking and small slab avalanches from yesterday (2/8). Weak layer in these events predominately near surface facets with some small surface hoar mixed in. Storm slab is showing signs of faceting with clear/cold weather and losing strength. However, the facets still shear easily if you pull on the block.

Pit 1 @ 3300ft
SW aspect, 35°
HS=200cm (wind loaded location below ridge)
50cm of storm snow (F-4F) over 10cm very weak facets fist hardness. This is all sitting over a stout crust formed during the warm temperatures in the end of January.

Test results: Moderate strength ECT results and a low scoring PST show propagation potential with some friction at the bed surface. This could be a problem in areas with a more cohesive slab.
ECTP 11/12 RP (Resistant Planar) failing in facets 50cm down
PST 25/100 (end) 50cm down

Photos & Video
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