Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

APU Wx station Maintenance.
Rain/snowline observed to be about 1800′ at 12:30.
OVC/OBS skies
Light winds from NE-ish
Drizzle in lower elevations, snowing S-1 to S1 higher up.
Wet slop for surface conditions below 1800′
4″-6″ of moist snow (very easy snowball-able) overlying wet grains above 1800′
ski pen was around 10-15cm throughout tour.
Boot pen was knee to thigh deep around 1700′, and boot/knee deep at 2200′
Snowpack height was 200cm right at the weather station (on top of knoll), and 240-300cm in surrounding areas.

Quick pit of recent snow structure @2200′ on SW aspect. The moist snow can be seen as a slightly lighter shade than the underlying wet grains(see photo). Boundaries represent obvious differences in water content and grain size/type (wet vs moist)
No tests preformed

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