Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

tour to 2200′
Plenty of low density snow available for transport. Flagging was seen along ridges throughout the day, mostly in the morning. Wind seemed to be coming from WNW along ridges, but was funneling up from the SW at our location.
Few to scattered skies, mostly sunny.
~25cm soft surface snow in wind protected areas, soft wind affected snow in exposed areas.
Interesting snowpack set up within recent snow.
Below 1500′. 3 Handpit tests failed on Isolation ~40cm down, below a punchy layer
Near base of hamburger hill, 2 handpits failed with easy/moderate force, Investigation revealed a ~3cm punchy “pseudocrust” above 5cm low density small facets above a firmer crust. Assumed this is the set up for the the lower handpits.
We dug in multiple spots @2200′. No formal pits/tests. The aforementioned firm crust was not present at this location but recent snow was failing (in CT tests) with easy results above older snow surface, averaging ~15cm down. Seemed to have fallen “upside down.”
BSH was failing with hard force.