Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan 2,100ft

Route & General Observations

Tin Can parking lot to just below treeline at 2,100ft

Temps in the 20’s.
Fog to 1,900ft
Calm winds
No precipitation

Obvious Signs of instability:
Recent avalanches-No
Shooting cracks-NO

Surface Observations

Very firm/icy conditions for the first 500. Supportable crust 500′-2,100ft (our
highest elevation). Surface hoar observed as we neared treeline.

2,100’ SW Aspect
HS (Height of Snow)= 65cm
Good strength ECTN 19 Q3
Low energy- No propagation
Good structure- surface crust knife hard a few mm thick, below the crust layers
of melt freeze and round grains no more than 1mm difference in size with two
additional knife hard crusts at 35cm and 26cm down

Things I wish I had:
crampons, whippet