Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Route: Standard route up the Tincan ridge to ~3,300′. Hiked for the first 30min or so due to lack of snow.

Valley fog that was as high as 2,000′ at times. Mid level broken cloud cover just above ridgetops. Very light
and variable winds, no precip and temperatures in the mid 20’s at 3,000′ and 32F at the parking lot,

Signs of instability:

Just a few inches of snow at best at 1000′ and below. However, beginning around 1500′ there is a foot of
snow that increases to 2 feet rather quickly at 2,000′, then 3′ at 3000′. See the photo below for snowpack
stratigraphy. Good stability within the pack. The Nov 18 crust, along with the various melt-freeze crusts
below, are providing a good base and helping to keep the skis away from the rocks to good degree.

Snow surface:
6-8″ of soft fist hard decomposing older snow from 11/22 that sits on either older hard wind slab or the
Nov 18 crust. Good boot top skiing as long as rocks, stumps, small terrain features and other early season
hazards are avoided!

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