Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Tincan to 3,400′

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Cloudy and mild. Moderate winds out of the East, gusting into the 30s mph.
Very light precip (snow).

Snow surface

Trace of snow on rain crust up to 2,500'
1cm Sun crust on S facing slopes over 30 degrees (above 2,500')
High variability in the Alpine-scoured surfaces, micro wind slabs (2"),
rollerballs, and 3-4” of soft settled snow (pockets)


We dug in 3 locations. Our focus was on the late Jan facet layer. Reactivity
has lessened and the layer has gained strength. We were able to get results in
some pits that showed high strength and moderate propagation potential. We also
found a layer of buried surface hoar 40cm/16" below a very stout wind slab on
the North side of Tincan ridge at 3,200'. The layer showed high strength and
moderate propagation potential.

With these layers in the snowpack there remains enough question marks to warrant continued assessment. The last loading event was over a week ago, which is helpful in terms of stability. However with buried persistent weak layers present it is by no means a “green light” snowpack.

1. 2,800' SW: high strength, moderate propagation potential
2. 3,200' N: moderate>high strength, mod propagation potential
3. 3,200' S: high strength, mod propagation potential

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