Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tin Can

Route & General Observations

33 degrees at the parking lot and snowing(ish) at 10am. Snowed about an inch by noon, then skies were
clearing. Looked like it snowed 1-2″ since yesterday. We stopped on the bench below TinCan Common,
headed to do a tree run, with wind blowing in the 20s from the south, gusts likely in the 30’s, and skies
were clearing with visibility in and out. Snow transport was obvious, and was filling in and scouring old
tracks on TinCan common and on the bench. Skied to the edge of the rollovers below the bench, cut
across a test slope and got the new wind layer, maybe 3-5in. deep, to slide on that rollover. It was too
hard to see what it was sliding on, but the snow on that same slope was soft yesterday. Slope is between
35-40 degrees, and slide was approx. 10 meters across, and ran about 20 meters.

We saw a lot of snow plumage coming off Seattle Ridge, Portage Valley, and over by Hope on the way