Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tin can Trees

Route & General Observations

Tin Can standard up track to tree line, topped out at 2280ft and skied the trees back to the car for one easy afternoon lap.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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34F and very lightly snowing at the car, calm winds. At tree line warm feeling temps, light winds out of the SE and lightly snowing. Skied down around 2:30pm and didn't yet observe the higher winds forecasted.

Snow surface

New snow falling on top of the fluffy snow from previous storms. Not a lot of evidence of wind effect at the elevations we visited.

Flat light and not great visibility limited the capacity to see much of the alpine and upper paths.

Good ski quality, mostly fluffy snow, starting to get sticky from warmth around 1400ft and below.


Hand shears showed that the snow from the previous storm is starting to consolidate and is slightly more cohesive. Hand shear medium to hard at about 30cms down, poor quality shear.

Probed around at tree line and found total snow depth between 180 and 230cms, the crust was evident between 120 and 165cms down averaging 150 to 160cms down from the surface.

Jumping on test rollers in the trees came up with no notable movement. No observed movement from yesterdays tracks in the trees.

Photos & Video
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