Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tin Can/Sunburst

Route & General Observations

One group went Tin Can Backdoor to about 1700ft, one group to Sunburst west face to about 2000ft and one group Sunburst back door to about 1650ft. Dug pits at the top elevations for each group. Generally right side up snow pack observed in all groups.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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5F at the car, warming through the day with sunshine and inversion. Felt like teens at the pit location. Calm, clear, bluebird.

Snow surface

Surface hoar observed from the parking lot to the location we dug pits and skied down. Large, up to 3in at parking lot elevation and getting smaller as we climbed. Surface hoar was harder to find and smaller at the pit location on Tin Can, looked like it might have melted from yesterdays warm temps.


Generally right side up rounds at pit locations. Many groups had test results of ECTX and CTN, with one CT27Q3 down 45cm.

Photos & Video
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