Observation: Other Regions

Location: Tin Can

Route & General Observations

This pit was dug on a SE aspect of Tin Can at 3000′. The top
layers of this snowpack were decomposing precipitation particles
on top of melt-freeze grains. Below we found the January facets
that are rounding closer to the surface, but are still showing
sharp angles the further down we looked. At the bottom of the
pit, we found depth hoar around Alders and Hemlock.

We did two extended column tests. During the first test we got
an initiation after 26 taps, a partial propagation after 28
taps, and a propagation after 30+ taps at 58 cm below the
surface. On our second test we found similiar results, but no
partial propagation. Both were Q2 shears right at the top of the
facet layer.