Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tin Can

Route & General Observations

We toured up backside of Tin Can from Center Ridge parking lot for day 2 of the AAI Pro 1 course and joined up with the main TC skin track. We toured up the main track to approximately 2800′ in search of wind slabs predicted after last night’s wind. We found no wind slabs on that aspect so we skied down to Hamburger Hill and toured over towards the N aspect of TC. We had calm winds with no signs of snow transport. We had extra time so we stopped at approximately 2088′ and dug some pits on the N aspect to evaluate the snow pack and practice our full pit skills!

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temps near freezing at snowpit site (-2 C).

Overcast sky with light snow precipitation (S-1)
Winds above 2000' were calm and increased to light winds coming out of the E throughout the afternoon. No snow transport was observed.

Snow surface

New snow on surface with no sign of wind transport.
Precipitation particles 1.0-2.0mm in size were noted on surface.


Dug a snowpit down 127 cm and was pleasantly surprised to find quite "boring" snow. HS was over 240 cm in pit location.

Saw no evidence of crusts and did not dig deep enough to find NY crust.

Had numerous CT and ECTN results on the new/old snow interface approximately 39 cm down.

See pit profile below!

Photos & Video
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