Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot Ridge

Route & General Observations

Recent Avalanche Activity: NONE
Whumphing: NO
Shooting cracks: NO

Fresno Ridge:(3440 Elev.)
Temperatures 22-25
Wind N-NNE 10-15mph peak gust 25mph

Summit Lake:
Temperature: 23F
Snow Depth(HS) 7″ (Valley Bottom), 20 ” snow depth @ 2500
Light snow up to 1″ during observation (currently snowing)

Today there was light snow falling with light to moderate winds from the North
at mid and upper elevations. Very little wind transporting going on at upper
elevations. Generally thin conditions below 2000′ elevation with improvement
at mid to upper elevations. The snowpack stability on Tenderfoot Ridge was
good with no signs of instability when I checked West and than North Aspects.
See pictures and pit information below.

Photos & Video
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