Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tenderfoot Ridge (North)

Route & General Observations

Sunday was the classic “Shoulda been here yesterday” type of day. Objective was
to climb Tenderfoot Ridge and ski the north aspect into the main drainage.

We were beat back prior to topping out on the ridge by sustained 25mph wind from
the north and falling snow creating white out conditions above treeline.

Rapid loading was occurring on south facing slopes throughout the day with
falling snow and loose faceted snow(on north slopes) available for transport.
Shallow wind slabs were forming on top of slick crusts on south faces.

No other red flags observed on this abbreviated tour.

Our persistence paid off in the form of a few very fun turns on a north slope
that is harboring 8-12″ of loose facets on the surface (total snowpack depth is
32″). Below treeline semi-supportable crusts exist on all aspects making for
challenging conditions down low.

We left the region as the storm was still hitting, but no snow was accumulating
at the trail-head (1450′)or at Turnagain Pass (1000′).