Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot Ridge

Route & General Observations

Standard skin track up to the first bump above treeline. Second lap only went up to treeline. We skied back down the ridge both times. Another party skied two laps on the south face off the ridge to Tenderfoot Creek. They reported it was real fine.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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10:00a - @ Summit Lake. Overcast at ~6000'. Calm winds. No precip. Temperature ~ -2C.
11:30a - Snowpit @ 2550'. Overcast at ~6000'. Calm winds. No precip. Temperature +1C.
01:30p - @ ~1750'. Visibility decreased as skies became obscured. Began to snow S-1. Light winds gusting moderate. Temperature ~0C.
02:30p - @ 2550'. Skies obscured. Snowing S1. Winds moderate.
03:30p - Snowing the whole drive back to Anchorage, temps within a degree or two either side of freezing.

Snow surface

Settled powder up to 2550' (treeline-ish). Above that to ~2800' it was predominately wind affected surface snow along the ridge.


Dug three quick pits to assess snow structure. Highly variable snow depth within 100m of each other, but showed similar weak layers in the top meter or so of snow. Buried surface hoar and faceting under a melt freeze crust similar to that observed by Haffener and Thamm on Fresno Ridge 2/15/18.