Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot Ridge

Route & General Observations

Skinned up skin track to the edge of tree line following lee of wind in the trees.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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High 20's. Calm wind. Cloud coverage and light snow at times. Evidence of wind loading up high from barren ridges and loaded gullies. Flat light visibility up high.


Poor snowpack. Pit just below treeline:
HS 55 cm
Ski penetration: 40 cm
Foot penetration: Entire snowpack to ground.
Fist consistency through the entire snowpack with the exception of a 2cm 1F crust 15cm off the ground.
Angular grains throughout entirety of the snowpack to the new snow interface.
CT2 and CT4 on new snow interface about 5-10 cm. Entire block would crumble to the ground after that.
ECTX as entire column crumbled.
ECTP 10 on top of the afore mentioned crust in faceted, angular grains.
Variable skiing as skis were practically on the ground due to poor structure cohesiveness of the snowpack.

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