Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot Ridge

Route & General Observations

Starting zone: 2960′
Aspect: South
Crown ht: 6″-18″
Crown width: 150-200′ wide
Debris ran about 500′ and entrained older weaker snow with it

We found it to be a ridge line specific Hard Slab that was triggered by a single skier of a party of three.

It failed on advanced facets above the region wide Jan melt freeze crust. The slab was 1finger to pencil and
ranged from 18” deep to about 6”. It entrained loose surface snow in its track. The initial hard slab blocks
were evident in the mixed debris.

We suspect that it was formed during last week’s minor wind event on 2/10 -2/11? It appeared that surface
warming did not play a major role in the avalanche release. It is likely that slabs like this can be found
throughout the summit lake region.

A quick look around shows that wind has played a factor in distributing the limited snow there is. See

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