Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot

Route & General Observations

Parked at start of Tenderfoot Ln, took skin track up the ridge until tree line, then deviated to get out of the wind.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Broken clouds that moved to scattered. Light winds WNW with a few gusts that partially filled in the skin track leading up to the pit, calm by the end of taking observations. Air temp was around 24 F. No precip.

Snow surface

New snow/settled powder. There was wind scouring just S and W of pit location.


Dug on a NW aspect at around 2,500' at the edge of the treeline. Got to ground at 160cm.
New/settling snow in the top of the pack, then a smaller layer of slightly more cohesive and compact grains that feel wind affected. Down 50cm was the facet layer (about 40cm thick with an ice/melt free crust down 82cm. Between this icy layer and the top of the facets was where all the reactivity was observed (no results from the ECT test as mentioned in the forecast).
CT22 down 63cm, resistant planar fracture
PST 31/90 (End) down 63cm

No big temperature gradients (anything greater than 1 degree C) in the test pit.

Photos & Video
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