Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot

Route & General Observations

Standard W route up Tenderfoot

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temps dropped from ~ 20F to ~ 10F as we ascended
NW winds 5-10mph (up-sloping at times)
Overcast skies

*It was blowing pretty hard on the Seward Hwy in Turnagain Arm zone

Snow surface

10cm of new(ish) snow from the last few days

~ 20cm of low density snow (including the 10cm new snow) above 2000'

Wind affected snow above 2500'. Surfaces varied from 20-30cm of loose snow to an exposed rimed crust in places.


It was hard to find the buried surface hoar (from last week) in handpits, due such low density snow covering it up. We did find it in one hand pit ~ 3mm in size.

Starting at 2200' I could feel a very thin 2mm Fist hard crust under 3cm of new snow. Under the scope it looked like needle shaped crystals.

Dug a pit at 2540' on W aspect and found some interesting crystals. See pit profile. Found the same rime layer from Dec.15 (see Aleph's ob from Tenderfoot) but with chained 1mm facets below it. Didn't perform any stability tests due no slab present.

Photos & Video
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