Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot

Route & General Observations

Obscured skies with light snowfall (less than 1cm an hour). Past 24-hour snow ~4″, medium density. Winds were light from the north with gusts into the teens near and above treeline. Temps were mild in the 20’sF (low 30’s at the parking lot). Pleasant storm day.

Signs of instability:
-Avalanches (see photos)
Triggered one shallow wind slab. SW facing @ 2800′. 6-10″ deep, ~40’wide, running ~100′.
-Cracking in the top 4-8″ – fresh wind slab over friday’s cold snow
-Collapsing – none

Pit results:
– Dug one pit just prior to avalanche (see video). 3 x ECTP11 6-7″ down at the new/old snow interface.

Comments: The new snow has been blown into drifts and slabs at and above treeline. Slabs are relatively shallow and vary considerably in depth (4-12″). These were clearly quite touchy today but with mild temperatures they should settle out rather quickly (in general).

Surface conditions: New snow was a bit upside down and punchy over the top of Friday’s 6″ of low density snow. Nice skiing however.

Future concerns:
Fresh wind slabs from today that take their time gaining strength. Also, old stubborn wind slabs sitting on loose faceted snow from last week. I’m guessing these are more isolated but much more dangerous as they are hard slabs and could break above you. Also, once the sun comes out wet loose avalanches will be a concern.

Photos & Video
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