Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot

Route & General Observations

Standard Tenderfoot up-track to 2700′, dug at various locations looking for evidence of buried surface hoar, recent wind effect and the previously noted crust facet interfaces.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Overcast Sky
Trace Precip (none to s-1)
Calm to light winds
Temps in upper teens

Snow surface

4" of new snow/settled powder with rimed grains present from road to 2700'
Wind effect/packed powder above approx 2600'


Set out looking for potential buried surface hoar layer, wind effect, and previous basal crust freeze interface.
Found a consistent BSH 10cm (4") down in all elevation bands, as well a second BSH 3cm down at upper elevations. This BSH layer varied in size from 3mm-1cm.
We also found a basal crust facet layer interface increasing in depth with elevation increase (5"-12" thickness)

Hand Pit#1- Tenderfoot - NW Aspect - 1400' - HS: 50cm
3-6mm BSH down 10cm

Hand Pit #2- Tenderfoot - NW Aspect - 1800' - HS: 60cm
BSH down 10cm

Hand Pit #3- Tenderfoot - NW Aspect - 2250' - HS: 90cm
8-10mm BSH down 10cm
crust/facet interface down 65cm

Pit #1- Tenderfoot - NW Aspect - 2330' - HS:90 - 27 degrees
8-10mm BSH down 10cm
CT22 down 90cm on 1F moist facets

Pit#2- Tenderfoot - NW Aspect - 2700' - HS:105 - 28 degrees
CT21 down 80 on P hard crust
CT22 down 85 below P hard crust (in 4F facets)
CT19 down 35 on a decomposing layer with angular features
ECTP27PC down 35 on a decomposing layer with angular features
PST95/100 END down 80 on facets over P hard crust

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