Observation: Summit

Location: Tender Foot Ridge

Route & General Observations

Standard Tender Foot up track to 2290ft.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Condition @ time of 1330 -14C, Calm Wind, Clear Skies. Precip was NIL

Snow surface

30cm ski penetration in loose low density snow.


Pit @1957ft
TEMP: -14C
SLOPE 26 degrees
CTM13RP @40cm buried surface hoar

125-95cm from ground LOOSE SNOW, Fist hardness
95-85cm from ground 1-Finger-rounds
85-82cm from ground Buried surface hoar, Layer of primary concern, failure in above instability test
83-50 from ground 1-Finger rounds
50-25 from ground 4-finger rounding depth hoar
25-ground fist rounding depth hoar, 3mm in size
Supportable crust at lower elevations not present at 1957ft.
HS 125cm
40cm below surface 2cm buried surface hoar
lower 50cm, rounding depth hoar

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