Observation: Summit

Location: Templeton

Route & General Observations

Toured up to near treeline on the NW ridge of Templeton, approx. 2,500’ and West aspect. Dug a pit and enjoyed the sunset.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sky: Overcast
Temp: -2.5C
Precip.: None
Wind: Light, gusting to moderate

Snow surface

Snow surface was settling from temp. increase and starting to decompose from wind effects. Not quite the same light, dry protected powder from the past few days, but still very good ski quality.


See photos and SnowPilot profile for details.
HS in the area of the pit was variable, between 90-195cm within perhaps 50m^2. I tried to find a representative middle ground between the protection of the trees and the most exposed slope with greater depth due to wind deposition.
Main points of interest were two layers of what I believe are buried surface hoar, the first only 5-7cm deep and the second 30-35cm deep and producing results in both Compression and Extended Column Tests.
Additionally, in the bottom 1/3 of the snowpack there were several melt/freeze or rain crusts that seemed to be developing facet forms between and around them. I performed a Propagation Saw Test immediately below the layer I think is the Thanksgiving crust, which resulted in the failure propagating to the end of the column after cutting 35/110cm.

Test Results:
CT21Q2 down 33cm
ECTP24 down 33cm
ECTX (immediately behind first ECT)
Shovel tilt test failed on moderate taps down 33cm

Photos & Video
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