Observation: Turnagain

Location: Taylor Pass

Route & General Observations

Sunburst p lot to Taylor pass to Sunburst Weather station

Mostly clear, high clouds coming in late in the day. Temps cool (14F) in the morning at
Highway. Warming throughout the day and 34 degrees at the highway by 3:30pm. Winds
light from the NW.

Obvious Sign of Instability:
Recent Avalanches: NO
Collapsing: YES. 10-30m collapses between 2400’ – 2900’ (mid-elevation)
Cracking: NO

Snow Surface:
1000-2000′: Skiff of new snow < 1” on frozen ground, ice or supportable crust.
2000-2500′: 1-2” decomposing particles on mostly supportable m/f crust.
2500-3000′: Near surface crust breaking down, surface drying out.

Below the Surface:
Pit #1: 18* slope @ 2900’ HS= 120cm (just below Taylor Pass) See pit profile below
**4F facets still proving very reactive in this relatively shallow mid-elevation band (~2400’
-2900’). Slab depth was 40cm. Spooky ECT results on these facets (ECTPV x 5)

Pit#2: 28* slope @ 3700’ HS = 110cm (just below the Sunburst wx station.
**Scoured area. We couldn’t find the facets (likely blown away). Found generally strong,
stable snow at this upper elevation wind scoured location.

Pit results and large collapses observed early in our tour dictated that we stick to mellow
terrain even though our second pit was pointing toward stable snow in the upper elevations.

We skied a mellow line, skiers left of the weather station and were rewarded with consistent,
binding-top Pow!

Photos & Video
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