Observation: Turnagain

Location: Taylor Pass

Route & General Observations

Traveled up from 900ft to 3300ft up the Taylor Creek drainage to Taylor Pass.

Cloudy, some sun breaks, with calm winds
Temperatures in the low to mid 20s F

No signs of instability

Surface Observations:
At all elevations there is around 5cm of new snow on top of a supportable melt-freeze crust.
“Antitracks” are still visible in most areas.

Snowpack Observations:
We dug a couple pits at 3300ft on a SW aspect near Taylor Pass. (see photo)

There is 5cm of new snow on a melt freeze crust. Under the surface crust the upper 20cm of the
snowpack has a couple crusts with weak F to 4F snow in between. Under the crust sandwich there is
25cm of old, P hard, February snow sitting on top of the late January melt-freeze crust.

Skiing/riding conditions:
Dust on crust, decent skiing in places that haven’t previously seen a lot of traffic.

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