Observation: Turnagain

Location: Superbowl

Route & General Observations

Field Observations
Jan.27, 2015

Cornbiscuit to Superbowl 3900′

Temps: 15-20*F
Wind: Calm
Sky: Clear
Precip: None

Obvious Signs Of Instability
Recent Avalanches-No slabs, some small (D1) loose snow “sluffing” on steep terrain
Shooting Cracks-NO
Collapsing – NO

Glide Avalanches/Cracks- No evidence of recent glide avalanches observed, but some recent glide
movement noted in picture below.

Surface Obs –
1000′: 2-3″of low density new/old snow on ground
1500′: 2-3″ new snow on melt/freeze crust
2500′: 3-4″ of low density snow on melt/freeze crust
3900′: 6″ of low density surface snow

Pit at 3750* – the surface snow had 1″ of low density skin (slight wind affect) with 4 finger hard snow
below it. In other places along the skin track at this elevation the surface snow was looser and snow crystal
formations from Jan. 24 were still intact and present on the surface.

Snow Below the Surface:
The dense melt/free crust could be felt under 4-6″ of low density snow until about 2800′. In a pit dug at
3750′ about 150′ below the ridge on WNW aspect the height of snow was 225cm. The first meter of snow
was composed mostly of very uniform rounded snow with no visible layer changes. The snow density
transitioned from 4Finger hard to 1Finger hard at 15cm below the surface. This was the weakest interface,
but showed moderate to high strength (ECTN20) with no propagation potential. The snow gradually
became denser (Pencil Hard) near 70cm below the surface. This pit was dug in a deposition zone of a
leeward aspect.

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