Observation: Turnagain

Location: Superbowl Avalanche

Route & General Observations

Skier triggered avalanche in Super Bowl/South Side of Magnum Ridge
Dec 26, 2013
Starting zone elevation: ~3,500’
Starting zone slope angle: >40 degrees (rough estimate)
Aspect: SW
Vertical Fall: ~800’
Runout angle (measured at toe of debris): 34 degrees
Crown width: ~60’
Crown depth: 12-18”
Bed surface: ‘Drizzle crust’ and ground in spots


CNFAIC staff were able to speak with two of the three members of the party that were involved
in this avalanche. Skier 1 triggered the slide after 2 ski cuts and was
beginning to ski down slope. The avalanche fractured and propagated upslope.
Skier 1 was caught and carried and ended up on top, uninjured. Skiers 2 and 3
skied down on the terrain adjacent to the slide path as well as the bed surface.
Some pockets of slab pulled out when skiers 2 and 3 descended. The party
mentioned that the debris was slow moving. They mentioned that they experienced
collapsing in the lower elevations. The party also seems to think that the bed
surface was the slick Dec 8th drizzle crust that is present throughout the
Turnagain Pass area.

CNFAIC staff went into the drainage to investigate further on 12/27. We took
photos from below. Image quality is poor due to low visibility.

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