Observation: Turnagain

Location: Superbowl

Route & General Observations

A group of students on AAS Level 1 class explored the skin track highway up to Superbowl – and we were
by no means the only party out there on this sunny spring break Sunday.
Recent avalanche activity was limited to small dry loose snow sluffs on steeper segments, seemed less
reactive than yesterday.
We did not observe any bull’s eye clues for instability and our stability tests showed no failures.
In the small pockets of shallower snowpack(~85cm) in the valley bottom we could still find intact, large
and loose advanced depth hoar in the base of the snowpack dating way back to November.
Surface observations included good skiing conditions (few inches of soft on top of unbreakable base),
faceting on top of surface and the first signs of wind erosion in the mid elevations. No signs of wind
transport on ridgelines. More importantly, no significant warming of surface snow observed by 4pm.
Plenty of skiers on all aspects enjoying the stable snowpack!