Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunnyside to Zero Bowl

Route & General Observations

Followed the established skin track up seattle ridge the skied a both sides of zero bowl. North facing aspects of 0 bowl skied better than the S facing aspect we skied.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Some sign of old avalanche in steeper aspects in zero bowl. If they were old slides they have since filled back in.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Cold and clear, no wind. Some fog at the start of the day, burned off by 11.

Snow surface

Lots of surface hoar down low on the road side. We saw a few different layers of weird snow on the way up. In addition to the layer shown in the last picture below there was an additional surface layer. We saw it above some of the runs into 0 bowl, it was similar consistency to the layer in the last picture, but was in little cylinders .25-1" in length.

The surface layer was fun to ski, but was loose and weak. I'd be very hesitant to ski here again after the next storm.


No signs of instability currently. Looking at ski cuts on steep aspects in 0 bowl I saw some facets underneath the top layer. We kicked off some sluff in places, but nothing big or unexpected.

Above the west side of 0 bowl there was a more consolidated layer 3-5" down. It wasn't very solid but was noticeably more solid than the rest of the snow in the top couple feet. I'd guess wind affected snow; we saw it near the ridge line.

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