Observation: Girdwood

Location: Sunnyside (Girdwood)

Route & General Observations

We toured up Sunnyside and dug a pit at about 2,000 feet on a W facing slope. The total snow depth was 310 cm, so this was likely a catchment for some of the snow that had been blown off the ridge. The NYE crust was 110 cm deep and an ECT showed no results even after wildly pounding on the shovel. When we sheared the block, the slab more readily propagated on what seemed to be a new/old interface or a temp change about 90 cm down. I could not find any obvious (bouncy) facets on top of the crust. Not to say they aren’t there, but everything I pulled out looked to be rounding.

The ridge had four inches of powder on top of what all intuition would say is the supportable NYE crust. So, it seems as though the winds have blown the exposed parts of Sunnyside back to 2021.