Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunnyside

Route & General Observations

Sunny side snow machine uptrack, skinned from the parking lot however had to remove skis to cross
some open streams.

Mostly clear skies and calm wind. Temperatures below freezing at the road and in the high teens to
20s at the ridge top.

Obvious signs of instability:
Recent avalanches (probably mid storm) on NE side of main bowl off of common snow machine
uptrack. No collapses or cracking.

Snow Surface:
1000′-1500′ dusting of new snow on top of frozen base
1500′-2000′ 30-50cm total snowpack with approx 10cm powder
2000′-2800′ variable snow depth from 50cm to 250cm. 15cm powder snow on surface

Dry surface snow with variable depth at different elevations. Melt freeze at base of snowpack very
solidly frozen by the afternoon. Highly variable total depth and depth to persistent weak layer above
2500′. Surface hoar forming on snow surface throughout the day, about 3mm by 3pm.

Pit at 2800′ Main Bowl 240cm total depth. 100cm slab above surface hoar crust weak layer, broke at
CT 26 Q2, PST 30/110 end, surface hoar 5-10mm above crust. Weak faceted grains below crust.

Pit at 2800′ Repeat Offender start zone total depth of snowpack 95cm. About 50cm slab above
surface hoar crust combination failed in ECT P 4,7 SP.

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