Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst south face

Route & General Observations

Went to take a look at the avalanche remotely triggered yesterday (Friday 11/16)
on the southwest face of Sunburst just below the weather station.
The original observation from 11/16 is below in the Obs list.

Avalanche details: (from both the party who triggered it plus ours from today)
Aspect: WSW
Elevation: 3700′
Slope angle: 40-43 degrees
Crown: 1-2′ (Slab was fist to 1finger hardness, right side up)
Width: 100-150′ that fanned/propagated to 300′ midslope
Length: ~1200′
Weak layer: October facets
Debris: 5′ deep with toe reaching valley floor 1-2′ deep.

Note: Sections of the crown showed the weakness was a thin layer of facets
above a thin melt freeze crust (possibly a sun crust from the end of October).
This MF crust was at the top of the October facets and can be seen in the crown
profile below. Some areas did not have this crust (see photo of crack).

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