Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst Ridge/Taylor Pass/Goldpan/Corner Pocket

Route & General Observations

Sublime day at Turnagain Pass that far exceeded expectations.

We started with a run down Sunburst ridge. Dropped a refrigerator size cornice,
in the first area along the ridge where the cornice is prominent, and ripped
fast wind buffed pow w/o incident (only very subtle sluffing at the top).

Headed to Goldpan via Taylor Pass and dropped an Aveo sized cornice into the
“Rib Run.” Skied it w/o incident and only slow moving sluff. Skied another
shorter run into the Goldpan bowl just north of the bowl Rib Run deposits one
in. Didn’t bother with disturbing the wonderful snow here, and skied blissful
pow again w/o incident.

Climbed out of Goldpan to Superbowl Pass with no red flags or signs of
instability and headed to Corner Pocket. Ski cut the entrance with no movement
and proceeded to choke on over-the-head blower pow all the way down (a snorkel
would have been nice).

Thank you Chugach for the wonderful early b-day presents!

**Forecaster note: cornice cutting is a useful tool in assessing stability on steep slopes. It is important to be certain that dropping a cornice will not do harm to parties below. Always make sure the area below is clear before dropping a cornice.

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