Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst Ridge

Route & General Observations

Location: Sunburst Ridge
Elevation: 3500′
Aspect: S-SW
Slope: estimate 33 degrees.
Avalanche Activity: none observed. Noticed old glide avy’s, but no new activity.
Tests: conducted 2 compression tests. Both tests had the fracture character of Progressive Compression, with Q3 shear quality. Test results were CTH22Q3 and CTH20Q3, both at 53cm from the top of the column. HS=150cm; HNS=32cm.
Terrain: dug pit near ridge top.
Comments: I was confident in my bonding tests, and skied the slope. The major activity was controlling your loose snow sluff. I did not notice any stale or thick windslab.