Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst (cornice line)

Route & General Observations

Observed avalanche activity: 1 big avalanche.

Signs of instability: Avalanche advisory said unstable. No collapses or cracks today but previous collapsing and cracks on Dec. 16th, Tincan.

Skiing riding conditions: Very good powder, down to pretty low, right side up.

Skied sunburst off the top and it was good. Tempted into the cornice lines by good sun and powder but warned multiple times about bad conditions. After I skied, my partner dropped in and released a pretty large avalanche. He went under and over, rode the slope, and luckily was able to clear the snow out from around his head. About two minutes after the powder blast I could hear him yelling to me. I was on my way up and helped to dig him out. Both skis were recovered, no injuries. One lost pole.

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